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             Sunpak® RADIANT HEATERS              




The Sunpak® patio heater provides radiant warmth outdoors for you, your family and friends. Its slim box shape fits easily into many architectural designs. Sunpak® is CSA design certified as an unvented infrared heater for outdoor installation.

Models are available in stainless steel (shown above) or flat black and use natural or propane gas. All units are equipped with 24 volt, spark igntion and 100% shutoff for safety, economy, and convenience.

The Sunpak® aluminized steel or stainless steel body and aluminum face grille is durable in outdoor settings. The slim body and 0-30 degree angle mounting option on most models, gives Sunpak® the versatility to fit easily into a wide variety of patio situations.



Radiant heaters use the same means of heating as does the sun. A Radiant heater may make a person 5 to 10 degrees warmer similar to when that person is receiving heat rays from the sun. When a cloud blocks the sun's rays, a person will feel instantly cooler because they are no longer receiving the sun's direct infrared radiant heat rays. The passing cloud did not cool the surrounding air; the loss of warmth is due to the cloud blocking the transmission of heat rays from the sun, and not to a change in air temperature. Radiant heaters work in the same way.

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